Empowerment Training Initiative

The Empowerment Training Initiative is designed to empower and equip teams in churches / community organizations to interact with and serve individuals with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The Initiative exists to provide inisight into the common dilemma: “I know there are people in need and I want to help -- I just don’t know how.” The goal of the Empowerment Training Initiative is to equip Christians to holistically respond to the needs of people in their communities.

The Empowerment Training Initiative staff utilizes a three-step process to implement at each new site:

1) Train individuals with a heart for mercy ministries in the basic Biblical, practical principles of helping those in need.
2) Assess the congregation and community’s strengths and needs and develop an easily accessible database of resources in partnership with the trainees.
3) Empower the trainees to take ownership of mercy ministries within their congregation and community through ongoing training, consultation, and resource-sharing. 

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